Ecstatic in being a Semi-Finalist for one of my films…

Thesis Film Black and White PosterI’m ecstatic once again for receiving another laurel for one of the latest videos I directed this year from the Carribean Film Festival & Market 2017 which makes it my 4th Laurel for 2017.

I would like to thank our singer artist KDJ for the wonderful music and of course, our DOP and editor MJ Madrideo for the job well done, I have entered this music video for about 5 International Film  Festivals and this is the first one that gave the feedback.

Also, I’m glad and happy that KDJ is now writing his next song that we hope to shoot again very soon, the sleepless nights and hard work of the artist and crew paid off, just becoming an official selection for International Festivals, where thousands of entries are reviewed, is a humbling experience for all of us and we ought it all to God.

And for us filmmakers this is one sign that we must be doing something right to be included in such prestigious awards, thank you for the jurors, and judges who voted for our film.

So far 3 of my films will be shown in Indiewise Filmfest in Miami on 25-27th August this year, “Cities With A Heart”, Airport to Takseem Square” and “If No Be God”.

This gives me even more encouragement and determination for our upcoming feature films to be shown this year, “Before Suicide” with Robert Cristina Trif and “Year After” with Angelo Carl and Arnel Hasigan.



For the Love of Filmmaking

There are lots of reason why we make films, to keep memories, to show our technical expertise, to make money, to impress people, but the most important, for me at least is to tell a story, inspire people and most of all to glorify God.

So when I was approached to shoot a worship service and at the same time film the first live show of KDJ, it was already 2 birds with one stone.

KDJ is an upcoming Nigerian singer based in Dubai who just released his first single 2 months ago and started to build up good followers here in Dubai and around the world, his songs are not only inspiring but at the same time give glory to our Lord.

The show with the congregation of (JCGK) Jesus Christ Glorious Kingdom International held at Flora Grand Hotel in Deira, Dubai was a joyous mixture of brothers and sisters who welcomes everyone with their exuding warm hospitality.

The atmosphere of wonderful songs and the talk of their Pastor was calm yet pierces the heart and one can feel the welcome that everyone extends.

KDJ performance was marvelous, the crowd loved it and I can feel the excitement and the joy of his performance as he sings his single “If No Be God”. After his song, the crowd was asking for an encore but unfortunately, he has only rehearsed one song with the band so hopefully, he will do more on his next visit.

This is one of the films that will remain etched in my mind because I made it with the sole purpose, and that is to glorify our Lord.


Filming KDJ Live in Worship Gathering

_MG_4552.JPG_MG_4584Another exciting weekend, I was asked to shoot KDJ Live performance in a worship event and had a wonderful. exhilarating, and fun film coverage. It was held at the Grand Flora Hotel in Deira and the crowd was so hospitable I wanted to stay even after the event.

It was also good to see KDJ perform live after filming his music video, most of the time artist sounds different on live performances than their music video because they sing without the mixing and there is no way to rearrange or improve their voice unlike in recording, so what you hear is the real artist voice unlike in recording.

The crowd had a great time and was asking for more, but since it is one of KDJ’s first performances after the success of his music video release he was so overwhelmed with the crowd’s  response.

KDJ has now written and ready to record his 2nd single which I had the proveledge to hear, and again as the first one it has that beautiful rhythm that made his first one so successful that one Nigerian Telecommunication company wants it to be one of thier ringtones.

Here is the music video of his first single “If No Be God” and please make some comment on what you think about it.