Journey to becoming Professional Networker and Filmmaker


Albert as a Networker..


Albert as a Filmmaker..

I always thought of the difference between the two and tried to find a common ground, I love making films and enjoy every minute of it, from writing my scripts to the actual shoot to the tedious art of editing, and it is a beautiful process, but what stops or hinder most of us filmmakers is the lack of funds, budgets, finances, most of the time we scrape even our basic means just to finish one film that we hope will catapult us to the big boys. But it goes back to the main problem, BUDGET.

Then I found the solution, hence comes Network Marketing, I’ve never tried networking before and I started to watch lots of youtube materials, read lots of books, researched and met people who do it, Erik Worre one of the Professional Network Marketer showed me wonderful, amazing, interesting concepts and processes that if followed will surely bring result.

I put filmmaking on the side and started to follow AIM Global trainer Sir TJ Villanueva with his interesting, wonderful, and tedious process and amazingly it started to open my mind to another level of network marketing that started to give me the big result.

Now I know that if I continue my networking practices now in just another year I will be able to shoot all my scripts of films and I will not be worried about funding anymore because of the result of my network marketing I will have enough funds to shoot them all and even start producing other filmmakers films.

So what difference do I find between the two? Nothing they actually complement each other, my networking journey is giving me the chance to meet lots of inspiring stories from people from all walks of life, as I share the opportunity it prepares me to have the finances and budgets I need to shoot such inspirational films and show them to the world.

Starting today with proud and honor I say I’m a filmmaker and a network marketer, I make films and make millionaires…

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Dr. Ed talks about AIM Global India

Caught on camera Dr. Ed Cabantog the visionary president of AIM Global talks to a group about his plans in India.

India is the number two most populous country in the world after China with millions of its people living in poverty it will be wonderful once AIM Global is approved by the government.

AIM Global worldwide has proven track of making millionaires and its great ALIVE foundation program will be a great help for Indian population, we all know that Indians are hard workers and very loyal to the companies they serve  and worked for and I know that once they experienced the wonderful earning potential of AIM Global it will create a huge followers.

Network marketing in India is not very popular to its government  at present because they had bad experience with other earlier networking companies, but the strength, superb management, and fairness of compensation of AIM Global will certainly proved to Indians that being a networker if you belong to the right company will definitely help you in becoming a millionaire like what AIM Global did to over 7,000 millionaires it created in the last 11 years.

Indians should research about what AIM Global can offer them with over 3 million AIM distributors worldwide and how it is expanding rapidly in their neighboring country Pakistan it will one day spread out in India like wildfire.

So, today is the perfect time for Indians to be a part of this network company before it starts to spread out and be a part of the growing millionaires around the world, and AIM Global will continue living up to its motto “Creating Extra Ordinay Millionaires “ around the world.

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Filming No 1 CEO in Network​ Marketing Dr. Ed Cabantog

I have met, dine, and filmed Dr. Ed Cabantog a few times, but every time I do, he does not stop to amaze me with his new information, new training, and new antics.

I suppose being a President, a visionary president of a multi million company is not a simple task, the feeling of responsibility to millions of distributors worldwide from Alaska to Timbuktu to Himalaya build up in the last 11 years is nerve racking, for me at least.

But, Dr. Ed seems to flawlessly merge with every single one of his distributor, his knowledge that he imparts and inculcate in each one of us drives us to action, his vision that we grasp as we listen to his warnings gives us the passion to succeed and move forward.

In this 2 part video, Dr. Ed once again gives us new knowledge, learnings and know how to continue in chasing our dreams for our family, our loved ones and ourselves. Watch, listen and ponder on each principle and if you do as he says it will surely catapult you to another dimension in network marketing. I love his exercise on making your neurons develop, his easy, easy, easy step and the hard one will keep you practicing until you get it, fortunately, I manage to get it overnight and did not sleep until I got comfortable with it and definitely do it every now and again.

Thank you, Dr. Ed, for all the inspiration, knowledge, and exercises you taught us and your patience, virtue, and drive to this company with such care, dedication, and passion.

We are all proud to be a part of this global community of distributors and we look forward not only for us,  and for our family but to every individual that we face and share this amazing opportunity to change their lives for the better, thank you.



Filming Special Training with AIM Global VP Finance Sir Francis Miguel

w francis miguel

After 11 years of continued success of AIM Global worldwide once again our BOD headed by Visionary President Dr. Ed Cabantog, VP Training Arnel Limpin, VP Business Development Sir Juergen, Gonzales, Dr. Connie Cabantog and VP Finance Francis Miguel once again visited us here in Dubai and awarded this years top earner before moving to countries in Africa.

VP Finance Sir Francis Miguel has once again given a special training on how to become successful networkers and the qualities needed to be in the echelon of this organization.

Sir Francis recalled his early experiences on how he reached his millions of earnings with a proven formula that everyone can follow and be on the top, his memories on how he started and develop with his dedicated team gave us the inspiration to emulate and follow.

He talked about teamwork, mindset, and dedication and made himself as an example of such qualities that catapulted him to where he is now.

Watch the video below and learn with Sir Francis Miguel and I can assure you of your step to become one of the top earners in UAE, enjoy and if you want more information and be a  part of our network group please Whatsapp me at 0504705519 or you can email me at

Filming of AIM Global VP Training & Network Development​ Sir Arnel Limpin

al w arnel limpin

AIM Global now on its 11th year has once again proven its effectiveness in being the top ranking in MLM business worldwide by acknowledging and giving rewards to its top distributors in Dubai, Middle East, and North Africa.

Dr. Ed Canabtog the visionary president accompanied by his wife the ever charming Dr. Connie Cabantog, the mentor of all mentors VP Finance Francis Miguel, VP Busines Development Jurgen Gonzales and VP Training Arnel Limpin.

And here is one of the first video from the Special Training series that our BOD’s left for us to inculcate in our minds and act upon.

The wonderful and effective ways to bring us to the next level of our networking knowledge, capabilities, and instruction that if we put into action will definitely catapult us to more earnings and income.

This is Part 2 of sir Arnel Limpin and the rest will follow, hope you enjoy it and put it into practice fellow distributors because if you do I will assure you of your success and continued happiness in networking business.

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Shooting the beauty of AIM Global Network Marketing


After meeting and filming the BOD’s of AIM Global I attended once again the normal meeting and filmed it enthusiastically with a lot of new faces, and as always it excites me to do the shoot and even more excites me to see the happy faces of the participants with the glisten of hope in their eyes.

After 11 years in the market and opening new territories and new countries AIM distributors share the wonderful experience and opportunities they can have all over the world.

I can assure you the potency of their products especially the C 24/7 because it worked and continue working on me, the energy it gives and since, I started having the products I never had any major or minor health complaints, normally at my age which is over 50 there will be one or two ailments that should come up but since I started using C 24/7 for the last one year ½ no complaints, not even a headache or a cold, nothing.

But not only that the extra income it has been giving me from a growing network that I started just using Facebook is unbelievable, every time I wake up in the morning I see additional money in my account to thank for.

For those who wanted to prepare for their retirement, those who want to invest in some business that will generate them income for years to come, for those who want to reach their dreams but do not know how.

AIM Global is the answer to you, I recommend it because I know it works, because I experience it and continue experiencing it until now, so filming a meeting is not only exciting to do, but it’s amazing to see the beautiful people that one day will change their lives.

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Meeting and filming the No 1 CEO in MLM Dr. Ed Cabantog


Albert with AIM Global Visionary President Dr. Ed Cabantog


Albert with VP Training Arnel LimpinIMG-3210

Albert with VP Finance Francis MiguelIMG-3213.JPG

Albert with Dra. Connie Cabantog

Giving me pleasure in filming the No.1 CEO in MLM Dr. Ed Cabantog is an understatement, I would like to be with him and actually film a whole week of his lifestyle just to absorb, comprehend, and understand his vision in running this multi million MLM company AIM Global.

So far AIM Global on its 11th year has once again proven its leadership when it comes to multi level marketing, another great year for AIM Global and its achievements in opening new countries and territories like Tanzania, Indonesia, Oman and another 6 new countries to be open before the year ends.

The staggering amount of commissions given to distributors worldwide, and once again filling up the largest indoor arena in the world, I repeat in the world, with over 55,000 distributors in one event.

Giving away a brand new Mustang as its raffle prize and giving out over 4Million as a commission for its top earner this year.

And for me, a filmmaker, to be able to have a one on one face to face talk with Dr. Ed Cabantog, Francis Miguel, Arnel Limpin and Dr. Connie Cabantog is a great privilege and something that is unforgettable, and the lessons they impart that will encourage, inspire, and motivate us to continue their wonderful vision is simply amazing.

The cohesive message of Mr. Limpin, Sir Juergen, and Dr. Ed on mind setting and developing one’s skill plus the message of Francis Miguel on teamwork has indeed inculcated in my mind that all it needs now is to put it into action.

Thank you once again, AIM Global BOD for coming to Dubai and imparting your knowledge and news to us distributors here, and we look forward to your next visit to talk about how to improve our online prospecting and presentation.

Thank you as well for all the great leaders in UAE headed by No 1 Top Earner Mr. Allan Pahita for the continued inspiration, for Sir TJ Villanueva for continued training, and Ms. Ayra Padolina for the continuing support given to us distributors here in UAE and beyond.

We look forward to another year full of achievements and continue to be the No 1 MLM company in the world.

I will edit and finish the post-production of all the BOD’s talk and messages and will post it on my next blog, for more information you can email me at and request for a copy of the video.