Filming Ghanian Prophet Bernard’s Alfresa Taylor


It was another exciting weekend when we were invited once again by Greater Light Ministry, first for KDJ to perform “If No Be God” at their worship gathering and second to hear Destiny House Ghanian Prophet Bernard Alfresa Taylor.

His presence is indeed commanding, his messages are relevant and in tune with today’s concerns and his delivery was awesome, his style of preaching his message was unusual, he uses a lot of guttural sounds as if speaking from another dimension and one is captivated easily as if in a trance.

He also continuously delivers his messages without stop and pause for at least 15 to 20 minutes even more, as you can see below he is indeed learned on how to control his voice, particularly on a microphone.

Seeing him deliver his messages with such power and strength is indeed a sight to behold and I and KDJ enjoyed the experience immensely.

We would also like to thank Pastor Eky Phil of Greater Light Church Ministry for extending us the invitation and the whole congregation for their warm welcome to us and we look forward to the next one.

The film was edited into three parts for you to have a closer look at this remarkable prophet and his messages below.




Directing KDJ Music Video aboard Majesty 44 Yacht.


Just finished directing the 2nd music video of KDJ entitled “I Like The Way” on Majesty 44 Yacht from Royal Blue Coast.

I was slightly worried at the start because of the big waves and the strong wind, the first hour was a struggle trying our best to stabilize the camera but because of the wind and waves we were all over the place.

Then after an hour, we manage to have a good footing to set up the camera, but because of the weather and humidity all our cameras were having their moist on all lenses, we then have to wait for more time until the moist cleared up.

By this time our DOP Mj Madrideo has vomited, his assistant Mike also felt dizzy and decided to have a nap and I hold on well and drunk lots of soda, by the time we reached the Palm Jumeirah area the waves went down a bit, Mj and Mike was better and we started rolling.

During all these our cast headed by Mico Angles, JCJKI Dancers, Ariel Diaz Cativo, Arlene Diaz Cativo, Hyd’z Zehcnas, Olugna Beberly Verana Cativo, were having a great time doing their selfie and rehearsing the shoot, we also would like to thank Francesz Elyssah Marie for the sumptuous cake she made.

While these things are happening, our singer KDJ had all the patience waiting, cajoling, anticipating for everyone’s next move and was so happy on the final result.

As the saying goes “If you have patience it always work out at the end” and that is certainly what happened, the last 30 minutes with the beautiful sunset and that magic hour gave us a mesmerizing time and came out with the magical music video.

It is now under post production and will definitely share it to all of you guys later on.