Dubai ITADAKI Hai!!!


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There’s quite a lot of Japanese restaurant here in Dubai and it is a pleasure for those who love Japanese food because of the variety, choices, and options from décor to the ambiance, to food taste and I must tell you ITADAKI is one of the new secrets for Japanese food lovers.

ITADAKI is located at the Wasl Vista Jumeirah opposite City Walk, and the simple yet traditional Japanese design is inviting. The wall turned into a tatami design and the color of the wood made it simple yet very Japanese, the black plates partnered with the black saucers remind me of the Japanese utilitarian simplicity.

Bro Joseph and Sister Mercader who graciously invited me for lunch told me about their favourite sushi and ramen which I agreed to try, I had seafood ramen and California maki which is the typical sushi ordered by many but the taste is definitely not typical there is that certain twang of taste that stayed in my palette that makes me yearn for more.

I ate quite a lot of the sushi as well, though the serving is indeed good for 2 people I almost did not leave any for Sister whom I’m supposed to share it with.

Then I watered it down with sisters’ recommendation of Mix Strawbana a concoction of milk and yogurt which is very refreshing, I would have settled for Japanese sake but the freshness of Strawbana was just right that I can’t even ask for any dessert anymore.

The whole experience at ITADAKI was definitely for the book, ambiance, service, and food taste is definitely worth for every cent paid, and the best part of it, I was pampered and treated with such hospitality the Japanese way and should say for the ever smiling Manager and the staff, Arigatōgozaimashita

For more information and reservation you can call ITADAKI on +971 43427999



Art Direction for Sports Channel Promo

IMG-2930.JPGIMG-2922.JPGFinished another Art direction for a sports channel football pilot promo and happy with the result as always.

It is always fun to Art direct and builds a set with a team especially once you have something in your mind and vision and see it completed. Also, if you have a good director to work with like Moneer Barakat.

Once again we teamed up with RGB Production and some cast from our last Burger King World Cup shoot and it’s like going back in time but more fun as ever.

The props we used were interesting especially the scarecrow and other items, the whole team is looking forward to shooting the next few series after this wonderful, exciting and commendable pilot.

The camera crew with our DOP Elias and their assistants with Erik and the lighting guys had another wonderful result with ALEXA and the wardrobe, hair & makeup are as always on top of their art form.

Thank you once again, Jibu and Ashwin from RGB Production for another job well done.

TVC Art Direction

IMG_1897Finally, after almost 3 weeks from the time, we started the PPM (Pre-Production Meeting), it’s finally out, the CINTHOL soap TVC which is under RGB Production which I did the Art Direction started being aired all over India.

This is one of the latest projects we did where we had the snow machine and made snow in the middle of the desert which was fun, there were lots of cast and crew who slipped and slide including myself since we are not used to having snow in this part of the world let alone in the middle of 35C heat so I supposed it’s but natural.

But we all had fun, it took us 1 day for recce preparation and 2 days shoot from a 4:30 AM call time until sunset, the director with the cast. assistant director, some crew, and clients all came from India and we had a great time on set here in Dubai.

Below is the final cut and I’m sure you can tell how much fun we had, enjoy the TVC and next one I’ll be telling you about the latest short film I just finished as well. Have a wonderful time.