Give your film a HEART…


You’ve got to give it a heart, yes you heard it right, HEART, this is one advice I will give to my fellow filmmakers who are enjoying the process of filmmaking, I personally notice that there are fewer films produced with a heart except for the few short films that I see and watch in youtube.

Now I understand why Moonlight won over La La Land even though the production cost of Moonlight was not even 1/2 of the later because Moonlight has a bigger heart, we fell for that Boy, we felt his heart.

Our first feature film “Year After” have all the needed heart, from the crew to the cast to our characters James, Carlo, Bobby, Lawrence and others, we make sure that before we start to shoot at any time, we remind everyone to feel our heart and imagine our viewers as we deliver every line of dialogue, as we compose every frame, and as we move and act  towards  to each other.

We all believe that heart is what binds our crew and cast together, to tell our audience that what the world needs now aside from all other things is having that HEART, so again my advice to all filmmakers worldwide.

Enjoy and shoot your film but make sure that it’s the film with the heart, like our upcoming “Year After” it’s the film with a big, big, HEART.


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